Westerosi Tourney Knight

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Namelist Medieval German Male (View names)
Rank Veteran
Race Human
Cult rank None
Notes A Knight of Seven Kingdoms.
STR 1d6+12
CON 2d6+6
SIZ 1d6+12
DEX 1d6+12
INT 2d6+6
POW 3d6
CHA 3d6
D20Hit locationArmor
01-03 Right leg 0
04-06 Left leg 0
07-09 Abdomen 0
10-12 Chest 0
13-15 Right arm 0
16-18 Left arm 0
19-20 Head 0
Movement 6
Natural armor No

Additional features

Age POW+POW% View items
Appearance - Beard POW+POW% View items
Appearance - Eyes POW+POW% View items
Appearance - Hair Color POW+POW% View items

Standard skills

Athletics STR+DEX+20 Brawn STR+SIZ+20 Endurance CON+CON+20
Evade DEX+DEX+20 Perception INT+POW+20 Ride DEX+POW+30
Unarmed STR+DEX+30 Willpower POW+POW+40

Custom skills

Courtesy INT+CHA+20 Lore (Strategy and tactics) INT+INT+30 Oratory POW+CHA+20

Combat styles

Knightly WaysSTR+DEX+50

Weapon options

1-handed weapons

Amount: 1d2+1
Ball & Chain (1)
Broadsword (1)
Battleaxe (1)
Dagger (1)
Longsword (1)
Lance (10)

2-handed weapons

Amount: 0
Battleaxe (1)
Great axe (1)
Great Hammer (1)
Great Sword (1)

Ranged weapons

Amount: 0
Light crossbow (1)


Amount: 0
Heater Shield (1)
Kite Shield (1)