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Namelist None
Rank Novice
Race Spirit
Cult rank None
Notes The Shadow will engulf the Quester, causing Fearshock (just like a Shade) in the first round of the combat only. It can only make this Fearshock attack once. The Shadow will match its POW, which is the same as the Quester's, against the Quester's CON. Apply the result to the table below: Shadow Fearshock Table CRITICAL roll Victim dies* SPECIAL roll Victim collapses for 20 minus CON melee rounds. Must roll CON x 5 on d100 or die*. NORMAL SUCCESS Victim is demoralized (see the spell). The effect lasts for 20 - CON melee rounds FAILURE N o effect FUMBLE........... Roll again, and apply the result against the Shadow** *Even if the victim dies, his spirit must continue the struggle against the Shadow. **Such an occurance as this can happen because the Shadow is a sort of extension of the Quester's own soul. In addition to the Fearshock, the freezing cold air within the Shadow will damage its victim. Each round the Quester will suffer one point of freezing damage to a random hit location. Neither armor nor protective clothing will count against this damage. On the first and subsequent rounds, the Quester will also be attacked by his Shadow in spirit combat, using an effect similar to the darkness-goddess Subere's Attack Soul divine spell. Each time it or the Quester succeeds in overcoming the other's Magic Points, the victim will lose 1d3 MP´s. Should the Quester use magic, his Shadow will cast exactly the same spell one strike rank later. Both will have to succeed in a Willpower to cast their spells. The only spells the Shadow cannot know are any that are associated with Light or the Light-rune (such as Lightwall or Sunbright). The Quester may attack his Shadow physically, despite the spatial coincidence of the two bodies. The Quester will also hit and damage himself, but the Shadow has no armor and this is its weakness. The combat will proceed to one of the following conclusions: (i) The Quester dies from Fearshock The Shadow will then attack the Quester's soul in spirit combat to annihilate him. This will occur if the Shadow reduce the Quester's Magic Points to zero. The Quester's own spirit may counter attack of course. He may either try to spiritually annihilate the Shadow, or he may attempt to possess it. Spiritual annihilation will occur if the Quester can reduce the Shadow´s MP´s to zero. If this happens, the Quester will end up as a disembodied spirit, lost on the spirit plane. The Quester may possess the Shadow by successfully overcoming its Magic Points, then, instead of taking 1d3 MP´s off its total, attempting to overcome its Magic Points again. If this succeeds the Quester has possessed the Shadow. He will become in effect an intelligent Shade, and will spend the rest of eternity wandering the Underworld unless he is by chance summoned back to the material plane. (ii) The Quester physically destroys the Shadow If the Quester reduces the Shadow to 0 hit points in combat, its body will dissipate but its spirit will remain for another 1d6 melee rounds. If the Quester does not immediately bind the Shadow's spirit into a suitably enchanted item, such as a Magic Point storage crystal, he will never have a shadow on the material plane again. (iii) The Quester spiritually annihilates the Shadow If the Quester reduces the Shadow to 0 Magic Points the Shadow will cease to exist. The Quester will never again have a shadow on the material world. (iv) The Shadow possesses the Quester If the Shadow manages to possess the Quester, the Quester will become the Shadow and the Shadow, the Quester. It will find its way back to the material plane by unknown means and attempt to live as the Quester, however it will only know how to speak Darktongue and will not reflect in mirrors. Should it ever catch sight of its shadow (ie. the Quester), the struggle between the two will begin again, but the outcome of this combat will be final. Attack Soul - Spectral Combat without being discorporate. Target loses 1d3 Magic Points per loss. Avert might block this, Spirit Block and Spirit Screen protect normally. Caster can break of or resume attack at any time
INT 3d6
POW 3d6
CHA 3d6
D20Hit locationArmor
Movement 6
Natural armor No

Standard skills

Spectral combat POW+CHA+50 Willpower POW+POW+50